Yorkshire Canopies Aftercare



Yorkshire Canopies ensure that our customers canopies are easily maintained and remain in the best possible condition at all times by providing detailed information, warranties and a range of After Care Packages.

Yorkshire Canopies can offer a full After-Care package for maintenance of your installed Canopy, Walkway or Covered Area.  We offer a number of After Care packages which work alongside and extend the warranties that we offer
our Customers on their installed structures.

Our Aftercare Packages all include:-

  • Regular Checks on the fixings and fittings of your Canopy, Covered Area or Walkway
  • Regular Cleaning of the main structure and roof sheets
  • Any repairs required to the roof sheets and fixings Maintenance & Aftercare
  • Ensuring the seals intact between Canopy and Building (where applicable). Re-sealing where necessary
  • Cleaning and maintenance of any Extras installed with the Canopy

If you would like to discuss an Aftercare Package then please contact us 



Yorkshire Canopies provide a full suite of Product Information, providing all the build and materials details as we as relevant legislation. A maintenance sheet is also provided which details all of the cleaning and maintenance requirements of your new structure.

The Product Information sheet is bespoke to your installation and will be sent to you upon completion.

The Maintenance Information will also be sent to you but can also be downloaded here 




All Yorkshire Canopies structures are provided with a 5 year warranty from the date of installation. The period of this warranty can be extended by signing up to an after-care package with Yorkshire Canopies. The warranty covers all product faults resulting from normal operations and usage of the structure and includes any labour and materials to rectify the fault. The warranty excludes any damage caused by vandalism or unreasonable actions.

In the unlikely event that you do have an issue with your structure please download the warranty form here and please email this form with the required photographs to warranty@aliportcommercial.co.uk

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